Sunday, May 24, 2009

Depth & Current update

So, the first EP, Arms, has been released. The CD release show was fantastic! I'll post pictures once I gather them all up and pick my favorites. Here's one that our friend Robby R. Harris took:

The physical copies of our EP are being released in custom made, silk screened, laser cut, card stock packaging, lovingly designed, crafted, hand-numbered, and signed by the artist, Sethy McCarroll.

Since the music will likely live on forever in places like iTunes, we wanted the actual CDs to be something very special. So, the CD version of the EP is going to be limited to only 100 of these great little art pieces that Sethy has created. We only have about 70 copies left. I'll take some to both Guestroom Records locations and to Size Records this week.

If you know Sethy, and the kind of amazing art that he's capable of, and you know how likely it is that a great guy like him will one day be famous, you're probably already planning on picking up one of these CDs. Don't put it off. They will go quickly once they're on display at the stores.

But, if you just care about the music, then you can pick up the EP from any number of online music services. There are many available. So, search for "Depth and Current" at your favorite service. I personally recommend iTunes, where our EP has already gone live, or eMusic, where it will be available shortly.

Thanks a million to everyone who came out and made our CD release show a really great time. And, thanks to Mickey from El Paso Hot Button, for putting on a hell of a show and honoring my request that he only play new songs. Everybody loved it. And, it made me even more excited to finish the new EPHB record. I love that guy.

Next up, hmmm... a few hints, perhaps? recording a new track for a super exclusive cassette tape release being spearheaded by a great local guy with an infectious enthusiasm. AND, recording another new track for a split 7" release with a new band who also happen to be one of the best bands to ever grace a stage in Oklahoma. Really excited about this new stuff!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Quick thoughts on new music purchases

1. Abe Vigoda - Reviver EP - I really love this! I need to check out their full-length. Opolis show coming up. I'm very excited about that!!

2. Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion - It seems too long. I dig the "Yes" vibe. Seems like prog-rock for kids.

3. Early Beat - Early Beat EP - Local. I love it. This is a very interesting debut.

4. Bishop Allen - Grrr... - It definitely didn't grab me right away. I like it. But, I need more time with this one.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

band update

Well, there was already a band called The Scarring Party. And, even though Scar Party is waaaay cooler than that, it's just too close to worry about. This band is still in it's infancy, so no big deal.

Now, we'll be called Depth & Current. It's done. No more debating. That's the name.
We also added a fourth member, my friend/neighbor, Derek Lemke. He'll be contributing some keys and guitars. Really looking forward to that!
We're going to play at Norman Music Festival. It'll be a very small stage, way low key. I'll have more details soon.

That's it! Just watch for our EP to be released this Summer. We're making swift progress.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The pictures are developed! Vacation wrap-up!

This really was one of our best vacations to date. Two weeks was the perfect amount of time to be away and relax. And, it's enough time to start missing home. Grand Cayman is a wonderful island with every modern convenience you need - even food delivery and wireless Internet! The people are the friendliest we've encountered in the Caribbean.

Highlights (in no particular order): snorkeling, fine dining, stingray city, tennis, our anniversary, and Valentine's

Sea creature count - in order of awesomeness: (1) nurse shark - twice! (2) spotted eagle rays (3) turtles (4) squid (5) eel (6) barracuda (7) puffer fish

Valentine's Day - "Private" sunset and candlelight dinner on the beach

OK - it really wasn't all that private until after the sun went down. But, we got to drink champagne and watch the gorgeous sunset...with the soundtrack of rowdy 10-year old boys and their drunk parents. Food wasn't the best we had on the island but romance was in the air. We capped off our dinner with a real Cuban cigar.

People in the background = not-so-private

Valentine's Day Sunset

Enjoying our after dinner coffee & tea

Ending Valentine's & Vacation with a Cuban Cigar

Stingray City - Second Trip

If you remember from our previous blog, we tried to go to Stingray City but the weather conditions were pretty windy and the waves prevented us from really spending quality time with the rays. So, we decided to try again when the weather was better and I'm so glad that we did!

Chris & me with a ray

Underbelly of a ray - looks like a smiling face

Lots of rays waiting to be fed squid

Krystal holding a stingray

Miscellaneous Underwater Snorkeling Photos

These are the highlights of our underwater pics.

Harris sea monster

Sea turtle - one of 3 that we saw

Spotted Eagle Ray - not the same as the stingrays at Stingray City

Krystal - swimming with the fishes

Barracuda - we saw a couple of these guys

We saw a lot of these but aren't sure what they are. They look like little stingrays without the stinger. They are cute though!

Coral and bright blue fishes

Tuesday, February 17, 2009